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Trap - demo (1994)

Nome: TRAP
Título: Demo
Ano: 1994
Cidade: São Paulo
Estado: SP
Estilo: Rock
Detalhes da Produção: Faixa 1 a 3 (Gravadas em 4 canais no período de maio a junho de 1992. Produção e mixagem de Cassio Martin e Trap). Faixas 4 e 5 (Gravadas no Pro-Studio de São Paulo, em 24 canais no dia 9 de maio de 1994. Produzido por Trap. Mixado por Trap e Sobral). A faixa 6 não consta referência alguma em relação a produção na capa da fita.
Formação: Jonny (guitarra e vocal), Alexandre Di Pietro (baixo) e Eddie Holzmann (bateria).
Origem da demo-tape: Coleção particular (Edson Luís - Jaraguá do Sul - SC).
Conversão: Edson Luís (Jaraguá do Sul - SC).
Mais informações: Site oficial (recuperado),

01. Spiritual Sky (03:33)
02. Josephine (03:01)
03. Heaven! (04:42)
04. The (04:39)
05. Jazzy Fanatasy (05:28)
06. Spiritual Sky (04:29)

Tempo total: (25:54)

Todas as músicas por Trap. Todas as letras por Jonny, exceto "Josephine" por Eddie Holzmann.

Tamanho do Arquivo: 50,88 MB (6 músicas [256 kbps] + 3 imagens)




I'll talk, talk, talk it up now
for feelings I've been longing looking for
Jesus and Buddha and me myself too,
We watch my crescent despair and we don't like to
The shadow is behind me and I swing to make it live,
Creating clouds we make it rain like our own tears
Dum, jump, clear your way out of my way,
Walking past people I swear I've seen before somewhere

Brother, Father, stand by me now
Sister, mother, you dig the power within

With my hands full of hatred I reach the stairs and jump the steps down
I get closer to you and empty my hands on your face
Social ambiguities and differences of sex are a tiny line we can cross
On a comfortable mattress, in a rainy night
So touch me, I'll touch you, and hold me
I'll hold you like fork and knife on my dining table
It took me many nights crying,
It took me many nights asking, why, why, why


I tell you what
You know, Once I met a girl
Her name was josephine
She was young, she was just a teen
Yeah, seventeen, my josephine!

She turned up a beautiful girl

Once upon a time I had this girl
She taught me things, she showed me wings
She flew me within
Ah, my josephine!


Cesar, don't blame your addictions and passions
This disease don't belong to you (It's a lie!)
Cesar, sure, you have reasons to cry
But don't be afraid of tonight, nor anynight! See...
I dreamed you were in a happy place, Partying as ever with other happy men
When you die your name will be of a star

It's heaven now! / Is it heaven now?
Oh, Cesar ! / Oh, my friend!
If you wanna it, baby, you got it!

Cesar, there are plenty ways to live with this
I agree it sucks but you've got to be strong
Cesar, don't ask for sorrow, don't ask for tears
And your friends owe you at least a little respect
Although they now pretend to be strangers
They are fucking afraid of what they can't understand
If you need someone now, please knock at my door
Those who love you will always be by your side

04. THE

Future ... Future is in the hands of ordinary men
We show we rule, we break bonds, we dig in changes
Survive, survive all the trash we've put inside ourselves:
TV, fast food, religion, misinformation, money, hatred, war.

Oh, oh, oh... the wind blows and there you go
Oh, oh, oh... the smoke I drag you're flying with!

Future... future is deep, deep is out, it never comes
It's always ahead as we play with time, we loose faith in ourselves
Free... free spaces fast turn into brand new places
that's why I know we must change, 'cause everything is turning too.

We fall, then why do we think we know how?
How come we think we know so much if we don't know...
the cure / our kind / peace time!


I'm glad I can rumble past old sideways of town
Stepping on vials of crack while I wave to the whores
Standing on dusty corners, empty, waiting for their dusty men
I'm glad the buildings just stand where they are
And the ground and the sky keep all elements in between
And the sounds of the city, horns, banks, radio and death
Come smooth to my ears
I'm glad that money is sometimes less abound
And the kids do their things while adults watch dry
And the night when it falls, it brings black men to the streets
So I can step on a stage and live my

Jazzy Fantazy

I'm glad, I'm glad, I'm glad, glad and cold
I find the city floating up against the sky
And it drowns under sunshine, and the neon lights
Bring outside a new, crazy, different, weird life
I'm glad although those who carry the seeds of corruption
They're doing well, oh, they're doing well

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